Lines of impact

  • Response to natural disasters – in order to provide relief to communities affected by natural catastrophes.
  • Response to forced displacement crisis – in order to provide support to those affected by refugee emergencies and internal displacements.

For each of its two main areas of work, The Cmax Foundation has developed three main lines of action in order to offer relief during emergencies, help build resilience and support communities during prevention and reconstruction phases.

The Cmax Foundation believes in emergency prevention and supports communities during reconstruction.  However, when emergency arises it offers priority support to save lives and protect the most vulnerable.

The Cmax Foundation’s three lines of action are:

1- Providing Emergency & Disasters Relief

The Cmax Foundation’s global network of partners, working with other non-profit organizations, agencies, local governments, private sector and other entities, delivers, monitors and ensures that emergency aid supplies and rapid relief reaches crisis-affected populations in the course of humanitarian operations in a more effective and timely manner.
The Cmax Foundation is committed to mobilize the necessary resources, emergency shelter kits and other supplies for when disaster strikes with very short notice through emergency transportation agreements. All of these efforts are enhanced by The Cmax Foundation’s solid relationship with international and local Humanitarian organizations and actors, as well as with governmental entities which improves the effectiveness of response and strengthen local organization’s leadership capacity by ensuring greater predictability, accountability and partnership, translating into quicker and greater support and better on-the-ground responses.

2- Emergency preparedness, prevention and mitigation

The importance of prevention, mitigation and preparedness in limiting the impact of natural disasters has guided The Cmax Foundation in its approach to disaster reduction.

The Cmax Foundation supports the development of innovative ideas and technologies, such as alert systems, that allow preparing and preventing natural disasters and catastrophes.

In addition, The Cmax Foundation believes in the full participation of local communities and affected populations in relief programs, such as community-based educational programs, community-based early warning disaster alert systems and other local preparedness planning and exercises. This methodology complements the impact of a collective and coordinated response, as it helps communities and countries to straighten and enhance public-private partnerships that improve rapid responses and reconstruction and ensure greater coordination of assistance at the individual, community and global level.

3- Assisting recovery and reconstruction

When immediate relief efforts are mobilized and implemented, countries frequently need support in rebuilding hospitals, municipal buildings, schools and other infrastructure.  The Cmax Foundation works closely with local leaders, communities, civil society organizations, agencies, states, funding institutions, and the private sector to identify the highest priorities and deliver vital supplies, resources, and life-saving humanitarian assistance with the greatest positive impact.

In the particular case of displaced camps (DP), The Cmax Foundation is committed to promote and straightening a brotherhood among communities and nations and aimed at facilitating and nurturing a dialogue and understanding towards peace among all nations, inclusive in nature and aimed at both the prevention of conflicts and at the reconstruction phase.