Temporary urbanization for immediate response

Our goal is to dignify the lives of millions of displaced people by providing them adequate shelter, especially in the immediate hours and days after a humanitarian crisis occurs. Cmax System is an innovative temporary urbanization solution that will include unique improvements to housing currently made available to displaced people.

  • “All-in-One” living quarters designed for an entire family of up to 8 and equipped with survival kits
  • Sanitary units designed to be located close to living quarter shelters to help protect against and prevent sexual violence against women and children
  • The “All-in-One Box” solution intended to enable a real and immediate response to crises and lower costs of shipping and logistics
  • Designed to be raised above the ground with a rigid floor and adjustable legs that can be adapted to any type of terrain (concrete, stone, sand, and grass) and placed on a slope
  • Assembly estimated to take less than 11 minutes by two persons without tools or special equipment



APP – Global Network to immediate response

The APP of  Cmax System  is rolling out a satellite tracking system for its shelters that will improve refugee safety through real time monitoring of positions.

  • Enter Data by Scanning QR data CODE
  • Geolocate the shelter
  • View the Cmax System Global Network witch shows the shelters currently in use and the ones that are avialable in each country or location
  • Each QR data CODE is linked to a shelter and the appkeeps a database of a refugees in it
  • Keeps very detailed and usefull information of each family