• Who are we

    We are a Non Profit Organization, founded in 2016 by Nicolas Garcia Mayor. We deliver emergency aid and humanitarian assistance to areas of disease outbreak, conflicts and natural disasters. Our work spans globally to provide and support innovative ideas and sustainable solutions to help improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable populations. We work side by side with a wide network of NGO’s, private companies, Universities and volunteers around the world to bring assistance and solutions to emergency situations.

  • How can I help?

    Donations are greatly appreciated and a means of helping that can be put to immediate use. Your donation will be used to aid in our efforts to develop and deliver our mobile units to areas of greatest need. Our units function as multifaceted shelters: Mobile Clinics, Testing Labs, and Isolated Rest Spaces. If you cannot donate, you can help us in many other effective ways! Please share, like and comment encouraging remarks on our campaign(s) and posts! By spreading the word we are able to extend our reach, and therefore extend our aid while receiving maximum support.

  • Is my donation tax deductible?

    Yes. We are a Type 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, so you are able to deduct the donation from your taxes with the receipt we provide you. We recommend you consult your tax professional for questions about charitable tax-deductions of this kind.

  • Become a Partner

    Are you a factory, manufacturer or company that has the technological capabilities in place to produce our units? If so, we are open to exploring partnerships. Please reach out to us at: info@cmaxfoundation.org

  • Become a Sponsor:

    If you’d like to help us bring immediate relief to a specific area or hospital in need, you can sponsor an entire unit. This can be on behalf of an individual, your business or organization. Please contact us at: info@cmaxfoundation.org

  • Why help us?

    Our team has over 20 years of experience in humanitarian aid. We have the right network and background to bring cost-effective and innovative solutions to those who need it most. We have partnered with Universities, local governments, NGOs to provide humanitarian relief around the world. Your contribution will help continue our efforts. Together, the greatest impact is possible!

  • How much does a single unit cost?

    We are currently exploring production opportunities and are open to manufacturer inquiries. During this process it would be misleading to quote a price on our units however, we are determined to scale to high volume production, therefore driving the price-per-unit down. We estimate that each unit will be under $4500.

  • How and where will the units be deployed?

    Our mission is to bring relief to those who need it most. We work closely with many NGO’s around the world (Doctors Without Borders, American Red Cross, IFRC & more) so that the deployment of our shelters is effective in targeting those areas. Due to their lightweight compact design, the units can be delivered by truck and unloaded without the need of heavy equipment.

  • What will happen to the units after use in the field?

    Cmax Immediate Response Units are able to be sanitized and stored away for future use in response to others catastrophes, pandemics or complex conflicts. The applications of a light, mobile, rigid enclosed structure endless.

  • What happens to campaign funding if a goal is not reached?

    We will use the donations to continue to fuel our efforts. We are a team of innovative minds, and we will put any monetary aid towards benefiting humanity. Small amounts of funding are allocated to operating expenses to keep our foundation running.

  • Is the design Patented?

    The design is Patent Pending, under Provisional Patent Application No.: 62/379,884 – UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE