Emergency Research Cmax Fund

Emergency Research Cmax Fund
Emergency Research Cmax Fund

About Emergency Research Cmax Fund 


If we really want to help, it’s necessary to first hear directly from people who are suffering, what is the best way to help them. Many solutions to these situations are born on a desk or come from sectors that have never been close to the reality of the people affected by natural disasters or war.

That’s why before being able to implement our emergency housing solution, we want to make our last research trips, talking to people, touching their hearts and contrasting our emergency response ideas with the best way to rebuild the dignity of the millions of lives affected.

We’ve already heard and discussed our ideas and projects with the biggest and most important humanitarian organizations in the world, who have helped us improve our approach and who have validated the great change the Cmax System could make in the humanitarian assistance field, either with logistics or preparedness for immediate response.

It is time to fully understand those who are suffering from poor planning, by listening how they feel and determining what are the most appropriate solutions for them.

Along with a group of Cmax volunteers from different parts of the world, we’ve decided to get together and travel during these first months of 2017, experimenting their needs, weaknesses, vulnerabilities and also their strengths to rebuild their lives after catastrophic situations so they are able to raise from the debris.

We’ve strategically selected different countries to visit, with different cultures, different weather and emergency situations, and for that we need your help.

Direct Impact

After our research trips in mid 2017, we will conclude the last detailed engineering phase for its fabrication on a global scale. We hope we can count on your support through this crowdfunding campaign, direct donation, partnering or finding help from other organizations and celebrities around the world. That is how together, we’ll be able to have these units ready and available anywhere these conflicts have affected people the most.

Every donation will be destined for this project ensuring the soonest impact possible.

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